Where A "Harness" Around Your Feet

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What are Harness boots?

Where A "Harness" Around Your Feet

One of the most popular styles of boots is harness boots. It is usually worn by motorcyclists, in standard colors of black and brown.

Harness boots measure from 10 to 18 inches in length, and offer protection to many areas of the feet, based on the way they are designed. They are created using heavy leather with reinforced steel in the front and bottom of the shoe.

Harness boots derive their name from the flaps of leather and metal circle surrounding it. The first flap is located around the top of the ankle, while the second flap is found around the back of the ankle. Two flaps also start at the ankle and travel to the top of the boot. These flaps of leather form a harness around the boots. The “harness” made by the flaps of leather give it an attractive appearance, and they support the feet as well.



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