Removing Oil/Grease Stains

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Help! I have grease on my leather jacket. How do I fix this?

Removing Oil/Grease Stains

When removing grease or oil stains from leather, the best advice is to not use water to clean up the spill. It is well known oil and water ‘do not mix,' and water will cause the oil to spread even more.

Start by using a dry clot and blot the excess oil away

Using either talc powder or cornstarch, place a small amount on to cover the area.

Let the leather sit overnight

The next day, using a soft dry cloth, wipe the talc powder or cornstarch away.
The talc powder or cornstarch will act as an absorbent to lift away the oil or grease from the leather material.



8/12/2007 4:53:49 AM
gail said:

what if the oil and grease is dried in

1/19/2009 2:24:18 PM
gary said:

i never tried it on leather but it works great on cloth products..


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