Removing Mildew Or Mold

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What product is necessary to remove mildew or mold from leather?

Removing Mildew Or Mold

Mildew or mold can be removed from leather in the same way ink is removed. A “spot test” should be performed to first test the leather material. Next using a damp cloth, and an equally mixed solution of isopropyl alcohol and water, wipe the area where the mildew or mold is located. Allow the leather material to air dry away from direct sunlight.



10/26/2007 12:54:59 AM
faith said:

Leather experts say that you should NEVER EVER use anything that has even a trace of alcohol in it, I've read its one of the worst things you could do.

1/11/2009 12:51:36 PM
Mark said:

You are going to use alcohol on leather? Are you nuts?


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