Discolored Leather

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How can I recolor leather?

Discolored Leather

If your leather has become discolored, there are a number of leather recolor kits to restore the look of the original leather. A leather recolor kit can be for almost any type of leather garment or furniture to restore discoloration.
These kits can be purchased with all the supplies needed, such as brushes or applicators. Some of the coloring kits are also available as sprays to allow you to repair discolored patches. As with any product, complete a “spot test” first before applying it to the area.
If the area is to big to be colored using a kit, or if the job seems too complicated, instead have a professional restore the leather.



8/26/2009 11:48:33 PM
adam said:

hi there i have unfortunetly sprayed my lather jacket with body spray so naw it has white spots i want to clean it please advise how?


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