Alum-Tanned Leather Skins

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What is used along with alum salts to tan leather skins?

Alum-Tanned Leather Skins

Alum-tanned leather is created in the process to make alum-tanned leather. The animal skin is placed inside a mixture of aluminum salts and other proteins such as egg yolk. However, the leather skin resulting is not as soft as Chrome-tanned leather. The leather produced is white in color and is used in the book binding industry.



8/4/2006 9:22:13 AM
sandy lley said:

i will like to buy some leather from you please let me know the availabilities.

11/7/2011 1:13:19 AM
Khawaja Waqaris said:

Can u kindly tell me which leather good ??
Alum Tanned or Chrome Tanned ....


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