Finding The Proper Size Chaps

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How do I select the right size of leather chaps?

Finding The Proper Size Chaps

Since leather chaps are worn by an assortment of people, it is essential that the proper size of leather chaps be purchased. Leather chaps are worn over pants, and one would think they would only be available in standard sizes of small, medium, or large. Yet depending on the brand of leather chaps, they can also be purchased in regular pants sizes just as you would purchase your jeans.
To determine which size of chaps is right for you, do not use your regular pants measurements, but while wearing a pair of jeans, measure the circumference and length of your leg over the jeans.
By measuring for new leather chaps in this way, the pair you select should be able to fit over a pair of thick jeans, and feel fine over any other pants you wear.



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