Sewing Your Own Chaps

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Is it possible to sew my own chaps?

Sewing Your Own Chaps

Chaps can either be bought in a regular store or at a motorcycle dealer, or sewn if you are handy with a needle. The first item you will need to go shopping for is leather to make the chaps. A leather of medium thickness is great for chaps, and can be found at some fabric or specialty leather stores. Suede is also good for chaps, and is easier to sew than regular leather. While out buying your leather, look around for patterns for leather chaps. Patterns can also be downloaded from the Internet, or a really good seamstress can opt to sew without a pattern.

It is also a good tip to make sure your sewing machine is equipped with sewing through leather. The material might be too thick for the machine, and this can damage its motor. Reading your sewing machine's owner's manual is a good way to find out what fabrics are supported.

Overall, chaps are easy to sew, because they require less material, and are similar to sewing regular pants. Do not forget in the end, to customize your chaps with your own special designs!



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