Types Of Leather Boots

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What are the most common types of leather boots?

Types Of Leather Boots

Leather mens boots sold in a leather shoes store can be made of varying types of leather material depending on the original animal. The most common type of leather boot is derived from cowhide. It is used to make boots, which last for a long time due to the strength of the material. Cowhide boots sell for around $120.

Leather boots made from the skin of lizards and crocodiles are brown, green, or red in color. Lizard skin boots are not as common as cowhide boots, because these reptiles are harder to find. A good pair of lizard boots would cost up to $249 and sometimes more.

Boots made from sheepskin are soft due to the texture of the skin. Sheepskin or lambswool are popular in Australia, and used to produce UGG boots. The price range of sheepskin boots is $80 - $100.

Rare leather boots are made of ostrich leather. These are made by removing the feathers of an ostrich, and using its skin to make leather boots. Since ostrich leather is rare, boots made of this material will cost more than $250.



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