The International Mr. Leather Competition

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How can I participate in the IML competition?

The International Mr. Leather Competition

The “International Mr. Leather” (IML) competition was started in the early 1970s by the Gold Coast Leather bar. In the 1970s, it was known as the “Mr. Gold Coast” competition. In 1979, the “International Mr. Leather” competition was started to showcase the men who enjoy wearing leather. The first competition, held in Chicago, included 400 gay men from many areas around the world. It has branched out to include more people, and various activities such as a “bootblack” competition. If you are interested in attending the IML competition, a leather club, leather bar, or business must sponsor you. Two rounds of competition are held – a preliminary and a final round, where the person with the most points is judged the “International Mr. Leather.” In previous years, winners have been chosen from the United States, Australia, and Germany.



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