Fanny Packs For Motorcyclists

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What is a "fanny pack?"

Fanny Packs For Motorcyclists

"Fanny Packs" were originally created for travelers to wear allowing their hands to be free. They are made of lightweight material with a metal zipper to open them, and a few fanny packs will also use Velcro to open and close them. Even though “fanny packs” were intended for travelers on vacation, they are ideal as a motorcycle accessory.

The “fanny pack” is readily accessible because it attaches around the waist. This is ideal for a motorcyclist going on a short ride. The fanny pack will be able a wallet and other small items. Fanny packs are highly recommended for motorcyclists because they are waterproof to withstand driving in the rain, while being able to sturdy enough to withstand a motorcycle ride, or large enough to hold a water bottle.



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