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What are motorcycle t-shirts made of?

Motorcycle T-Shirts

Motorcycle T-shirts vary in the material they are manufactured from, and are available in several colors and hundreds of designs. Quite often, motorcycle T-shirts are commonly in a solid color with a picture designed on the front of them. Motorcycle T-shirts made of cotton are best for rides on a hot summer day. As the autumn approaches, T-shirts can be obtained in a thicker fabric or a jacket worn over them. A few online stores allow you to personalize your motorcycle T-shirt before ordering. Therefore, by choosing a cotton or cotton/polyester blend T-shirt, the store will add whatever design you request. This option is beneficial to a motorcycle association or club.

How do I select motorcycle gloves?

Selecting Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle gloves are the perfect apparel to have when riding. If you search diligently, they can be purchased to match the colors of your motorcycle, or bought in the same leather material as your jacket.
Even though many people love how stylish motorcycle gloves are, a glove should not be chosen for their color and design alone, but rather for its functionality. Therefore, it is advantageous to select motorcycle gloves that protect your hands and feel comfortable while operating your motorcycle. Before purchasing, try the gloves on to see if they fit, and if your fingers feel fine wearing them. Your level of comfort is very important, especially during long drives.

Do I need sunglasses while riding?

Sunglasses For The Motorcyclist

When riding on a sunny day, sunglasses are a handy way to keep the sun out of your eyes. They can be purchased in almost any color, with different tinted lenses. The color-tinted lenses, can offer various levels of protection depending on the ones chosen. For example, a brown tint to sunglass lens decreases the amount of glare from the Sun. Not only are sunglasses able to protect your eyes from the Sun, they are a great way to protect your eyes from the effects of the wind, which can dry out the eyes while driving.
Anyone who wears prescription glasses, the lens of your sunglasses can also be purchased under prescription. Prescription sunglasses cost a little more than regular sunglasses, but are great way to ensure you can see properly while riding.

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