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What is Western riding apparel?

Western Riding Apparel

Western riding is similar to the riding done in Spain and Mexico, and then spreading to the southern and Midwestern United States. Western riding apparel consists of clothing usually seen on cowboys. Hence, Western riding apparel will consists of long sleeve shirts sometimes in a plaid pattern, jeans, cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, along with leather chaps and spurs. Western riding apparel has been is often seen during a rodeo, where the rider will also carry a length of rope to lasso a calf. Unlike English riding apparel, in which the rider conforms to a standard dress code, Western riding apparel is more flamboyant and uniquely each rider's design.

What type of riding helmet should I purchase?

Riding Hats

When viewed during a competition, the riding hat looks very impressive. It is usually a black show helmet, which sits on the top of the head, and is secured under the chin. The riding hat used in English-style riding will only partially protect from a fall, and most closely resembles the historic British "hunt" caps.

Which is better to consider the quality or price of riding apparel?

Riding Apparel: Quality or Price

Price should not be the determining factor when buying riding apparel. As the old adage says, “you will get what you pay for.” This is particularly true of leather riding boots. On the other hand, only a small amount of us can choose to buy a quality item without even looking at the price.

Therefore, the decision to buy riding boots should be based on a combination of the quality of the riding apparel, along as it is at a price you can afford. A good rule of thumb is “60/40.” For example, the quality of the riding boots is 60% more important than the price you will pay for these riding boots. By keeping the “60/40” rule in mind, shopping for leather riding boots will become a whole lot easier.

What colors are preferred for leather riding belts?

Leather Riding Belts

Leather riding belts are wonderful accessories to your riding apparel. When buying a leather riding belt for yourself or as a gift, the belt should be purchased in standard colors of brown or black. This is especially important if the leather riding belt is going to be used during formal competitions. Every leather riding belt will be designed with its own buckles. A shiny brass or silver buckle can be chosen to complement your dressage jacket. Leather riding belts are very affordable at $25 to $35 for a 24-inch belt.

What is english riding apparel?

English Riding Apparel

Anyone who has had the pleasure of attending a riding competition can attest to the beauty of English riding. English riding apparel consists of a dressage jacket, breeches, a show helmet, and boots. Unlike Western riding apparel which is more flamboyant and uniquely each rider's design, English riding apparel conforms to a standard dress code, e.g. knee-high leather boots.

Should I consider leather riding breeches?

Leather Riding Breeches

Leather riding breeches are available in a multitude of styles to suit the taste of any rider. They are often "two-toned" with the seat of the breeches a different shade than the rest of the material. A popular selling style consists of brown leather riding breeches with a high waist. The use of leather in manufacturing riding breeches will make your ride more comfortable. Leather riding breeches are available for a price of $100 to $200.

What riding apparel is necessary for children?

The Importance Of Riding Apparel For Children

Teaching children early in life the importance of wearing the appropriate protective apparel is the job of all parents and guardians. This is especially important when your child has an interest in riding a horse or a bike. The proper protective apparel is listed below:

  • Your son or daughter should wear the proper leather riding boots to protect their feet as they ride, and cushion their ankles from the shock placed on it.
  • A DOT-approved helmet is one item, which all children should have. A full-face item that fits securely on the head and neck can offer protection from head injuries.
  • A chest protector is also other riding apparel, which is necessary for riding a dirt bike. It will reduce the chances of fracturing the ribs or collarbone in case of a fall.
  • Safety goggles and ‘guards' (knee, wrist, elbow, and neck) should not be overlooked. Safety goggles protect the eyes from dirt and wind, while ‘guards' will cushion the bones and joints.
    Overall this is only a basic list to buy for your children's riding apparel, and as much protective apparel as possible is highly recommended.
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