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Do people wear leather collars?

Collars Are Not Just For Dogs

There was a time when leather collars were only made and worn by dogs and cats. However, there are people who enjoy wearing leather collars. People interested in Goth, “punk rock,” or a “biker” lifestyle can wear leather collars. Other people interested in sadomasochism will wear a leather collar and chain also. When shopping for a leather collar, find a collar that is not too tight around the neck to obstruct breathing. Look for one fitting loosely around the neck and not causing discomfort. Not only would leather collars come in different colors, they are also designed differently with spikes, studs, or brass buckles. A spiked leather collar was popular when first manufactured, and is still popular today.

As a woman, how can I embrace a leather lifestyle?

Leather Skirts For Women

For women, a leather skirt or dress can be the first step to embracing a leather lifestyle. A leather skirt can be worn with boots or leather jacket to “complete the look.” Leather skirts are now manufactured in more than the standard colors of black or brown, so it is possible to wear leather skirts year-round.
Leather is versatile enough to be worn as a short mini-skirt for a “night on the town,” or as a much longer tapered skirt with a professional looking blouse.
When looking for a leather skirt, any design flattering your figure is your best choice.

How can I participate in the IML competition?

The International Mr. Leather Competition

The “International Mr. Leather” (IML) competition was started in the early 1970s by the Gold Coast Leather bar. In the 1970s, it was known as the “Mr. Gold Coast” competition. In 1979, the “International Mr. Leather” competition was started to showcase the men who enjoy wearing leather. The first competition, held in Chicago, included 400 gay men from many areas around the world. It has branched out to include more people, and various activities such as a “bootblack” competition. If you are interested in attending the IML competition, a leather club, leather bar, or business must sponsor you. Two rounds of competition are held – a preliminary and a final round, where the person with the most points is judged the “International Mr. Leather.” In previous years, winners have been chosen from the United States, Australia, and Germany.

What is gothic leather?

Gothic Leather

Not only is leather seen as a ‘hallmark' of the sadomasochistic community, wearing leather has also become popular with teens. The gothic culture is predominantly in teens, with many of them wearing black leather skirts, pants, leather collars, and bracelets. Some teenagers even opt to dye their hair black. It is believed wearing Gothic clothes was first started in the United Kingdom, and spread to North America. The popularity of the Gothic culture has manifested in many teens wearing leather in many forms such as leather bracelets and leather jackets. When shopping online for Goth accessories for you teen, look for items in black leather.

Would you recommend wearing a leather corset?

Wear A Leather Corset

Corsets were once worn by women everywhere, and are now slowly making a comeback. Previously they were worn only in the bedroom or underneath clothing, but leather corsets are now sometimes worn on the outside of clothing.
Leather corsets can make any woman feel beautiful and desirable, especially when worn with cowboy boots. They are usually constructed of soft leather and lacings, which have the ability to pull in the waist, and give women an “hour-glass” figure. Not only do leather corsets help slim a woman's waist - they also provide back support. This leads to better posture, without slouching shoulders. Corsets are not just for grandma, but provide a way for women nowadays to feel like a goddess.

Who belongs to the "Leather Pride" group?

Leather For The Gay Community

Various leather clubs have arisen catering to the needs of the gay community.

There are some members of the gay community who practice sadomasochism, while some just enjoy the feel of leather. In 2004, the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade first included representatives from the gay community who enjoy wearing leather. These gay leather wearers are referred to as the “Leather Pride” group. The group is recognized not by the rainbow flag of the “Gay Pride” group, but rather by a black and white stripped flag with one red heart in the corner. Members of the “Leather Pride” group represent the gay leather wearers who also enjoy sadomasochism and fetishes.

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