The Importance Of Riding Apparel For Children

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What riding apparel is necessary for children?

The Importance Of Riding Apparel For Children

Teaching children early in life the importance of wearing the appropriate protective apparel is the job of all parents and guardians. This is especially important when your child has an interest in riding a horse or a bike. The proper protective apparel is listed below:

  • Your son or daughter should wear the proper leather riding boots to protect their feet as they ride, and cushion their ankles from the shock placed on it.
  • A DOT-approved helmet is one item, which all children should have. A full-face item that fits securely on the head and neck can offer protection from head injuries.
  • A chest protector is also other riding apparel, which is necessary for riding a dirt bike. It will reduce the chances of fracturing the ribs or collarbone in case of a fall.
  • Safety goggles and ‘guards' (knee, wrist, elbow, and neck) should not be overlooked. Safety goggles protect the eyes from dirt and wind, while ‘guards' will cushion the bones and joints.
    Overall this is only a basic list to buy for your children's riding apparel, and as much protective apparel as possible is highly recommended.


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