A Rainbow of Colors

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What colors are trendy for leather jackets?

A Rainbow of Colors

Just like leather upholstery, leather jackets are made in an assortment of colors. The standard colors of black and brown are the most popular colors for leather jackets, but the next time you want to purchase a leather jacket, think about buying another color. For men, a dark gray leather jacket either cut short or long is perfect for the winter. On men, shorter leather jackets are preferred for casual outings. Besides gray leather jackets, men can also select leather jackets in a taupe color. Taupe is a masculine color, which is not too dark or too light to be worn as a leather jacket.
For women a leather jacket dyed white will go with any skirt or pants, and a white leather jacket is also perfect for wearing during the winter months. Another color women should shop for is burgundy. A burgundy colored leather jacket is the height of sophistication, and perfect to wear during the autumn and spring.



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